Welcome to Westwood.

Mensch Capital Partners, LLC, owners of the former Westwood Country Club, have proposed an innovative mixed-use redevelopment project in the Town of Amherst. Planned as a Traditional Neighborhood Development called the “Westwood,” the project will be the first of its kind in Western New York.

“The idea came from visiting other projects in other parts of the country and seeing how successful they've been at integrating both a mixed-use residential setting and a small reasonably sized retail setting together, and I thought, why don't we have this in Western New York?”           


What is Traditional Neighborhood Development? 

We may think of the neighborhoods we grew up in as traditional, but planning professionals, municipal leaders, and developers explain that Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) is a community concept that is modeled after traditional small towns and villages before sprawl set in. Using modern development techniques, the goal of a TND is to create a compact, mixed-use, and walkable neighborhood that promotes a strong sense of community.

What will the Westwood neighborhood look like?

  • The Westwood conceptual master plan calls for establishing a traditional neighborhood in the heart of Amherst designed with the help of nationally renowned TND specialists and prominent local planning and design firms.
  • Surrounded by greenspace, lakes and ponds, and park areas, Westwood will feature a variety of residences, retail shops, professional offices, a neighborhood center and other pedestrian-friendly venues.
  • The development will be complementary to the surrounding community and the entire Town of Amherst, and will be consistent with the town’s Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan.