The Project

Westwood's Conceptual Master Plan includes:

  • Patio Homes – 83 patio homes adjacent to Audubon Par 3 Golf Course and Maple Road
  • Townhouses – 130 condo/townhouses with access to public green space and recreation features
  • Single Family Homes – 41 single-family lots with direct access to the park, lake, public green space and recreation features, community clubhouse and pool
  • Apartments - 180 rental apartments/condos with access to public green space and recreation features 
  • Senior Living – 200 assisted living and 104 independent senior units with access to open green space, recreation features, in proximity to the mixed-use urban core
  • Parks, Lakes and Ponds – Over 83 acres of public green and open space, pedestrian and bike trails, multi-purpose athletic field and Westwood Lake access, representing approximately 48.7 percent of the site. A new Town Park consisting of 45 acres as well as a new two-acre Focal “Green” in the heart of the Neighborhood Center.
  • Neighborhood Center – several units of residential living over neighborhood retail and restaurants; 152,000 square feet of professional/medical office space (four buildings); hotel; shared parking and new public gathering spaces